Tuesday, June 11, 2013


                                                                               SUPERBUS TRAPPED BY HIS OWN CLAIMS

A quote by Richelle E. Goodrich, will introduce a story about a man, whom for the purpose of this article I decided to call "Superbus".

" A session of boasting won't attract any real friends. It will set you up on a pedestal, however making you a clearer target".

On day, surrounded by his numerous "friends," Superbus said that when his mother will pass away, he will cut into solid rock  (granite rock), build and carve for her a funeral monument. He said this in front of parents and friends.
Some of his relatives discreetly advised him to never boast because of his new assignment as a  chief executive in a company.
Indeed, this kind of position may change over the years. In these days of  successive economic crisis and insatiable  consumption, nothing is guaranteed.

Years passed, his ''chief-executive'' salary skyrocketed but his  domestic  and non-domestic expenses likewise grew exponentially and accordingly.
Apart from his virtuous wife, he was infatuated with a capricious and free-spending mistress.

A couple of years later Superbus' mom passed away, but unfortunately her only  beloved son, who loved his mother that much was unable to fulfill his promise. He stayed quiet and dumb, devastated by his mom's brutal and unexpected death. Superbus is still dumb up to now.

The moral to draw for this brief story is as follows:
It's a good thing to dream. Yet, the dreams should be kept in a reasonable fashion. Being ambitious and having great visions is perfect to stimulate human activities and set reachable goals.
But daydreaming is not a way to go. Persevering in daydreaming very often kill decision making process and action taking.
Boasting is even an uglier behavior to avoid at all costs because it has the vicious consequence to set you as a huge favorite target for jealous listeners. They wait for the next occasion  to ridicule the targeted boaster.

"Speech is silver but silence is golden", no need to boast publicly, the way Superbus did. All the contrary, in the silence of your heart and the wise advice of your beloved wife, as your only capable counselor, draw up your dearest projects.
Set a plan, put in place  achievable goals, follow a set schedule, fix deadlines,  take a step by step approach for any action, refine your strategy, if necessary.
Action taking requires  deep thinking, hard  brainstorming and sustained efforts. Slothfulness, delaying tactic and procrastination will never construct a nest neither a house nor a city.
Decide, avoid boasting like the plague, leave your dreams, proceed for actions!

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